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My Wellness Hub assist hospitals to improve the experience ecosystem for patients.

We provide a unique service offering on-demand high-quality guided imagery meditation and deep breathing exercise videos, specifically designed by industry professionals to be viewed (and practiced) in the comfort of the patients hospital bed.

My Wellness Hub partners directly with hospitals and their entertainment system service providers to fill the wellness gap in the hospital stay experience. A hospital admission can often be an anxious time and research has shown that patients who use guided imagery meditation prior to a medical or surgical procedure experience significant decreases in anxiety and stress levels, have decreases in their level of pain, reduce the amount of pain medication required, thus, reducing side effects and ultimately contributing to improved patient recovery experience.

Our content provides a complementary addition to the traditional hospital stay by allowing patients to participate in deep breathing exercise or to meditate at their own pace, when they feel like it, with no outside pressure – contributing to a more positive patient experience.

Hospital Wellness videos

In-Room Entertainment system

We will work with your service provider to upload the content on the system at your hotel and update with new content annually or bi-annually depending on your subscription package. Your patients can watch our wellness content any time by selecting the “Wellness” button on the menu screen.

Dedicated “Wellness“ TV channel

We will create and install a dedicated Wellness TV Channel that your guests can tune into at any time. Perfect for facilities which do not have an In-Room Entertainment system.

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Why focus on wellness?

Offering authentic wellness content with a focus on hospitalised patients, that is easily accessible, convenient and safe will set Hospitals apart from their competitors and contribute to the overall patient ‘experience’. Enhancing this experience positively can impact on your healthcare organization in three major ways; Increases patient engagement; Enhances an organization’s revenue; Improves an organization’s reputation.

You can improve the experience ecosystem for your patients by providing an evidence based complementary therapy to support the traditional biomedical model.

Better patient outcomes with Wellness

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Mediation videos for Accommodation Providers

Evidence Based

Our content is designed to provide an evidenced based complementary therapy to support the traditional biomedical model of inpatient care. We offer a selection of guided imagery meditations and deep breathing videos that are available on-demand or as a scheduled TV channel.

We can also develop bespoke and branded videos in consultation with you to meet the needs of your patients such as;

  • rest-in-bed exercises*
  • postnatal pelvic floor care*
  • postoperative information and rehabilitation*
  • and more…..

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